10 good bag locks, standard and anti-break


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A good bag lock is definitely break-proof. Here are the 10 best locks you can use to secure your suitcase throughout your trip.

10 Good Bag Locks, Standard And Anti-Break
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This holiday season, traveling with suitcases and suitcases is a must. But did you know that the bag's zipper alone is not enough to secure your items in the travel bag?

To enhance security, just use a good bag lock on the market. With the suitcase lock, your belongings will not be easily broken even by force.

How to choose a bag lock

How To Choose A Bag Lock
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Before making recommendations for a good suitcase lock, first consider how to choose the right suitcase lock below.

1. Standard TSA lock

The first thing you should consider when choosing the best suitcase lock is a product with the red diamond TSA (Transportation Security Administration) logo. This is the standard bag commonly used in airports.

The TSA lock or TSA lock can only be opened in two ways, which are by using a digital password and by using a special key. Special locks are used by authorized entities such as TSA officers so that bags can be opened without being damaged.

2. Set the lock type

There are two types of suitcase locks that you can find in the market, which are manual locks and number-coded locks.

Coded bag locks are now widely used because you don't have to worry about carrying the key. Very suitable for use when traveling without worrying about losing the key or forgetting to bring a spare key.

There are also manual locks that must be opened with a key. Make sure to bring spare keys and keys to avoid the risk of losing them. It is possible that your bag's lock will not open.

3. Pay attention to the ingredients

A good suitcase lock can be made of plastic, metal, or a combination of several materials at once. It is important to pay attention to the durability of each material so that the lock does not break easily.

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) bag lock or other similar type of plastic, light and waterproof. Combined with the very reasonable price, it's no wonder plastic locks are increasingly popular.

This is different from metal bag locks (brass, steel, etc.), although they are prone to rust, metal bag locks are very difficult to damage. Moreover, if the diameter of the shackle is large, it will be difficult to break the lock.

Recommendations for a good bag lock

You don't have to worry about comparing good luggage lock products in the market because we have summarized the list for you.

1. CoolCell 3 Digit TSA Bag Lock – TSA-719C

Tsa 3 Digit Coolseal Bag Lock - Tsa-719C
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

This good suitcase lock has a fairly large locking strap diameter. To ensure your bag stays secure, the lock is also equipped with a 3-digit number combination system that you can customize.

2. Bag lock with TaffGUARD code number – Z001

Taffguard Code Bag Lock - Z001
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

A very simple design makes this great bag lock easy to use. Don't forget the number combination system and the combination of zinc alloy and plastic which increases protection.

3. YiF 3 Digit TSA Bag Lock – TSA007

Yif 3 Digit Tsa Bag Lock - Tsa007
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Another good TSA standard bag lock. Apart from the code system, the lock is also made of zinc alloy which is not easy to break. The design is also unique and simple to fit into your bag.

4. KAK Solid Brass 4 Digit Suitcase Lock – M1502

4. Kak Solid Brass 4 Digit Suitcase Lock - M1502
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

KAK guarantees that this good suitcase lock is made from the best materials. With a combination of durable brass and stainless steel materials, you get a product that is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

5. CJSJ 3 Digit TSA Bag Lock – TSA-338

Cjsj Tsa 3 Digit Bag Lock - Tsa-338
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

You need a good, compact TSA-standard bag lock. This is the bag lock you are looking for. The model is suitable for standard sized bags. This lock can secure your bag using a 3-digit code system.

6. CoolCell 3 Digit TSA Bag Lock – TSA007

6. Coolcell 3 Digit Tsa Bag Lock - Tsa007
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

The suitcase lock is still good by TSA standards. This lock features an ultra-compact design that can lock two zippers at once. This model certainly does not leave the slightest gap between the two clouds.

7. BESTGUARD 19mm case lock

Bestguard 19Mm Bag Lock
Image source: BESTGUARD 19mm case lock

Do you prefer locking your bag with keys? A good suitcase lock from BESTGUARD can be an option. Suitable for bags and small bags. There is no need to doubt the quality as this bag lock is made of solid brass with plastic coating.

8. WHG TSA 3 Digit Suitcase Lock – TSA007

Whg Tsa 3 Digit Suitcase Lock - Tsa007
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Looking slim but capable of securing your suitcase, this is a good suitcase lock from WHG. Although it looks elegant, this lock meets TSA standards. You can take it to travel abroad without any security concerns.

9. TSA Colored Travel Luggage Lock

Tsa Colored Travel Luggage Lock
Image source: TSA colored travel luggage lock

Suitable for various types of travel bags, not only because of its various colors, but also because of its quality. There is no need to doubt the security factor as this lock is equipped with a 3-digit password. The key handle is made of very strong alloy material so it is difficult to break into by force.

10. TaffGUARD Swiss suitcase lock code – 104

Swiss Taffguard Bag Lock Code - 104
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Another good bag lock from TaffGUARD. Suitable for suitcases or suitcases, this lock is equipped with a 3-digit password. Uniquely, this lock is equipped with a hole for hanging a rope or lanyard so it's easy to find when needed.

This is a recommendation for a good suitcase lock to secure your suitcase. Suitcase locks can be one of the necessary measures for a safe and comfortable journey until you reach your destination.

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