10 recommendations for the best soft and comfortable neck pillows


Do you like travelling? Traveling is actually one of the exciting and fun things. However, it cannot be denied that traveling long distances whether by land, air or sea can be tiring.

An uncomfortable seating position in the car can cause stiffness and pain, especially in the neck and shoulders. Well, one effective way to overcome this is to use a comfortable neck pillow.

Neck pillows are designed in a way that provides support for the neck and head, so that you can sleep or relax more comfortably during the trip, especially if the distance traveled is long and takes a long time.

So, what are the benefits of a neck pillow? Check the following description.

Benefits of neck pillows

Benefits Of Neck Pillows
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Although often considered trivial, neck pillows actually have a number of key effective benefits, especially when traveling long distances, including:

1. Neck support. Neck pillows are specially designed to provide support to the neck and head. This helps maintain head posture while traveling, preventing the neck from falling or tilting too much.

2. Reduces the risk of developing pain. By maintaining neck posture and avoiding excessive tension during travel, a neck pillow can reduce the risk of aches and discomfort during long flights or when sleeping in a sitting position.

3. Comfort. Neck pillows can be used for relaxing and sleeping in a variety of situations while traveling, such as at the airport while waiting for a flight, on the train, or even in the car while stopping for a break.

4. Portability. Most neck pillows are designed with portability in mind, so you can easily carry them in your travel bag, making them a practical travel accessory.

Recommendations for the best neck pillows

The different models and shapes of neck pillows on the market are often confusing. Check out some recommendations on the best neck pillows that can keep you comfortable while traveling and are of course affordable below.

1. Rudy U-Shaped Neck Pillow – SER43

Rudy U-Shaped Neck Pillow - Ser43
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

The next neck pillow recommendation is from Rudy. The SER45 Series is made of soft polyester, velvet and foam so you can sleep comfortably even on bumpy roads.

Don't worry about weighing down your purse or suitcase because this neck pillow features a portable and comfortable design. Traveling will be more comfortable without fear of neck pain and heavy suitcases.

2. LF U-Shape Neck Massage Neck Pillow – LR-S100

Lf U-Shaped Neck Massage Pillow - Lr-S100
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Do you need a neck pillow that can also be used as a massage pillow? This product from LF is the solution! Apart from providing support to the neck, this pillow can also be used for a 10-minute neck massage. you know! Isn't this interesting?

To increase comfort, this U-shaped neck pillow is equipped with soft fabric and soft foam. With this massage pillow, you can sleep while traveling while keeping your neck muscles healthy.

3. Toppan U-Shaped Wind Neck Pillow – X-000

Topban U-Shape Neck Air Pillow - X-000
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

This neck pillow from TURBAN is a pillow that uses air as its contents, so it is much lighter than pillows in general. Your luggage when traveling will not become heavier, Thanks to this neck pillow!

The material is made of PVC, making this recommended neck pillow light, durable and easy to clean. The outer layer is made of soft velvet and will pamper your neck during long trips.

4. KKV – Alba Sol Hooded Neck Pillow

Kkv - Alba Sol Hooded Neck Pillow
Image source: KKV

This neck pillow is suitable for those of you who want to rest comfortably while traveling. This product is different from others, it is equipped with a hood or beanie that can be used to cover the head and face or to block light.

Made of high quality cotton fabric, this pillow does not fall or wrinkle easily and feels fresh when used. The soft luxurious foam does not deflate easily so it can provide maximum support for your head and neck.

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10 Recommendations For The Best Soft And Comfortable Neck Pillows

5. U-shaped air inflatable neck pillow

U-Shaped Air Inflatable Neck Pillow
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

It comes with a portable design and can be filled with air, making this neck pillow light and convenient to pack so you can carry it as your travel companion without fear of adding weight to your luggage.

You will also not feel sensitivity in the neck area because this pillow is coated with soft polyester material. This good durability material means you won't need to buy a neck pillow again in the next few years.

6. TaffSPORT U-Shaped Neck Pillow – RH34

Taffsport U-Shaped Neck Pillow - Rh34
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

This neck pillow comes with inflatable design, and can be deflated, so it can save storage space when not in use. Apart from that, this neck pillow can also be stored in a bag when not in use.

You don't have to worry about your skin getting itchy because this neck pillow from TaffSPORT is made of soft fabric and PVC so it won't irritate your skin. Sleeping on a long flight will not be disturbed anymore.

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10 Recommendations For The Best Soft And Comfortable Neck Pillows

7. KKV – SLADKO Neck pillow for animal deformity

Kkv - Sladco Animal Deformation Neck Pillow
Image source: KKV

Are you looking for a neck pillow that can also be used as a pillow? You shouldn't miss this neck pillow from KKV! With 2-in-1 function, you can easily change this product as a normal neck pillow or head pillow.

The 360 ​​degree neck design is able to safely support the neck without fear of neck pain. Soft material, soft sponge and adorable character design make this pillow more comfortable to use.

8. YMYQ Inflatable Neck Pillow – JJ2821

Ymyq Inflatable Neck Pillow - Jj2821
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

YMYQ Neck Pillow can be an option if you are looking for a practical and space-saving product. Comes with an inflatable model, you can deflate it when the pillow is not in use, then fill it again with air when you want to use it.

Its simple shape like the letter “N” can optimally protect the sides and back of the neck. Not only that, the soft-touch suede material ensures that users can relax and rest comfortably.

9. Orgek 3 Layer Inflatable Neck Pillow – M1345

Orgek 3 Layer Inflatable Neck Pillow - M1345
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

If you are suffering from neck pain due to wrong sleeping posture while travelling, you can consider this neck pillow from Orgek. The position and structure of the neck can be maintained while sleeping comfortably thanks to the 3-layer model.

It is more practical because every time you buy this product, you will get a manual pump so you no longer need to disturb your pillow manually. The level of air blown can also be adjusted according to needs and comfort.

10. Best Art Travel Neck Pillow with Pump

Finest Art Travel Neck Pillow With Pump
Image source: One Best Art

Can the neck pillow be folded? Seems impossible right? Not with this. Equipped with a pump at one end, you can fill the wind capacity as needed. When not in use, you can also deflate and fold it, perfect for travel.

The material is made of high quality and soft material that will not irritate the skin. Apart from that, you don't have to worry about the pillow getting loose as the material does not get wet easily so it is safe to use for a long time.

This is a series of recommendations for the best neck pillows that it would be a shame to miss. When choosing one, consider things like shape, size, and material. In addition, make sure that the neck pillow is easy to clean and easy to carry when traveling.

So, for those of you who are planning to travel in the near future, to make your trip more organized, you can meet your other travel needs with suitcase covers, suitcase locks, organizer bags, and even travel bottles.


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