10 recommendations for the best vacuum sealers for food preservation


Do you like leftovers from the food you cook? Or the dish you prepared for dinner wasn't finished because the portion was too large? If yes, it's better not to throw it away!

You can store leftovers in the refrigerator or pantry. However, before storing it, you need to make sure that the food is sealed so that it is not exposed to dust or spreading odors into the storage area.

One solution for storing food when you do not have a closed container is to store it in plastic, and you can use a food bag sealer to maintain its quality.

Best Vacuum Sealer Recommendations

A vacuum sealer is a device used to package food ingredients in special plastic bags and remove the air from them before sealing them, so that bacteria in the air cannot enter them.

The main benefits of a vacuum sealer are extending the shelf life of food, avoiding food waste, making food preparation easier, and improving the use of food storage space.

So, if you are starting to be interested in vacuum sealers after learning about their function but are confused by the numerous choices, let's take a look at some recommendations for the best vacuum sealers below!

1. Taffware 110W Vacuum Packaging Machine

Tawer Vacuum Packaging Machine 110 Watts
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

With a sleek design and advanced features, the Taffware vacuum sealer allows you to pack food into vacuum bags or containers with ease. Not only plastic, this tool can also empty bottles and jars.

Not only does it pack dry food, but this tool also has a special food packing mode. The usage mode also consists of several options that can be selected according to your usage needs.

Don't worry about the circuit being damaged due to prolonged use, because the tool will automatically turn off if the device detects that the temperature is too high to prevent this from happening High temperature. Sophisticated, right?

2. Taffware LQL-08 Food Bag Sealer

Taffware Lql-08 Vacuum Food Sealer
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Are you looking for a vacuum machine specifically for dry food packaging? The Taffware LQL-08 vacuum sealer is right for you to consider. Powered by about 80 watts of power, you can use this gadget to pack food.

Although it is designed for dry foods, you can still use this tool to pack wet foods such as spices, instant foods, meats, and fruits. Equipped with a magnet at the bottom, ensuring the vacuum is secure and will not break when placed on the cabinet.

3. TFALO Vacuum Sealer Automatic Dual Mode Air Sealing

Tfalo Vacuum Sealer Automatic Dual Mode Air Sealing
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Equipped with a motor with a vacuum pressure of up to 60 kPa, the power of this vacuum machine means the packaging process will be completed in just 10 seconds. Faster and more efficient than general food sealing machines.

How to use it is fairly easy for the product Dairy Or snacks, you can use the sealed mode by leaving a little air inside. Meanwhile, for meat products or food ingredients, use the full vacuum mode until there is no air left in the plastic.

If the package contains too much liquid, this vacuum machine is able to remove the liquid to prevent damage. The top of the device can also be removed for cleaning. Just use a dry towel or cloth to clean it.

4. Automatic sealing machine 80kpa vacuum sealing pump

Automatic Sealing Machine Vacuum Sealing Pump 80 Kpa
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Equipped with dry and wet vacuum functions, this vacuum sealer can store food ingredients optimally. You can choose the mode used according to your needs.

This sealing machine can produce suction power up to 80kPa, ensuring that there is no air in the plastic to be vacuumed out. Apart from that, you can also perform the packaging sealing function without vacuum mode.

5. Zeelea Vacuum Sealer Automatic Air Sealer – TK-001

Zeelea Vacuum Sealer Automatic Air Sealer - Tk-001
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Capable of removing air from food storage bags with suction power of up to 60 kPa for approximately 30 seconds, the Zeela air sealer can prevent the growth of bacteria that can damage food.

There are two operating modes to choose from, namely vacuum and sealing mode and sealing mode, and you can use the tool according to your needs. Now you don't have to worry anymore when storing dry or wet food.

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10 Recommendations For The Best Vacuum Sealers For Food Preservation

6. WOMSI Vacuum Sealer Food Packaging Single Pump SX-360

Womsi Vacuum Sealer Food Packaging Single Pump Sx-360
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

This vacuum sealer from WOMSI is the right choice for those of you looking for a compact and easy to use vacuum sealer. This tool is designed with a clean, simple look and intuitive touch controls.

One of its superior features is the ability to pack foodstuffs in vacuum bags of different thicknesses, namely regular, thin, and even thick.

7. Opicom Vacuum Sealer Pump 150W – SX-100

Opicom Vacuum Sealer Pump 150W - Sx-100
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

The next recommendation comes from the Obecom SX-100 series. This sealing machine has the advantage of running time, it only needs about 6-10 seconds for sealing, and 15-13 seconds for suction and sealing, so it is very effective in saving time.

This gadget has easy-to-use digital controls and various filling modes, including wet and dry food modes which are also accompanied by indicator lights for each mode. Not only is it plastic, this tool also works for emptying bottles and jars.

8. FreshpackPro QH-18 Portable Vacuum Food Sealer

Freshpackpro Portable Food Sealer Qh-18
Image source: Xinbao Long

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that offers the advantage of a touch screen over button operation, the FreshpackPro QH-18 is the answer. This vacuum cleaner, which can be used to wrap wet or dry foods, has a PULSE button that pushes air into the plastic to the maximum extent.

With its power of around 130W, this tool is suitable for those of you who run a home business.

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10 Recommendations For The Best Vacuum Sealers For Food Preservation

9. Vacuum food packaging machine

Cooperated With Vacuum Sealer Food Packaging Machine
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

This vacuum device is capable of packing food into vacuum bags up to 30cm in size in less than 30 seconds, allowing you to fill spacious food bags quickly.

Not only that, this sealing machine from Ditim also has different filling modes that can be selected according to needs, including vacuum, sealing, pulse, and pump.

10. XINBAOLONG 80W vacuum packaging machine

Xinbaolong 80W Vacuum Packaging Machine
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

This electric sealer is not only used for plastic, it can also be used to empty bottles and jars for food storage. However, make sure that the bottles and jars used support the emptying process.

Aside from having vacuum and sealing functions, this tool can also be used to seal food bags without the need for vacuuming so you can easily refill snack bags that are not yet finished.

After looking at some of the recommendations above, do you know which vacuum sealant to use directly?paying off? Choose a vacuum cleaner that fits your budget and needs. Check if the vacuum sealer has additional accessories such as special plastic bags or sealing rolls.

Also be sure to read product reviews and consider desired features, such as compatible vacuum bag sizes, suction power, and packaging modes.

Meanwhile, you can easily get the same plastic sealant from JakartaNotebook. Here you can search for different types and sizes of plastic sealants according to your needs and at definitely cheap prices.

Happy shopping!


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