10 ways to reduce fever in children at home


In the transitional season like now, an unhealthy body condition makes the body easily attacked by diseases, such as coughs, colds, and fevers. These diseases are easily transmitted to anyone, especially children.

Fever itself is the body's natural response when fighting disease, which is characterized by an increase in body temperature above 37 degrees Celsius. In this case, your child's body will feel weak and without energy.

As parents, of course we cannot bear to see our little one limping due to fever. If you don't want to rush to the doctor, you can try several ways to reduce fever in children at home below.

How to lower fever in kids at home is very easy to do as it uses natural ingredients. Read the complete methods in this article until the end, okay?

1. Complete rest

When she has a fever, your child's body loses a lot of the energy it uses to fight the illness. So the first way to reduce fever in children is to allow the child to rest completely.

Reduce play time and invite children to sleep or rest in bed to restore the body. If he starts to feel restless, you can bring his favorite toy to bed or read a story so your child can sleep more peacefully.

2. Compress with warm water

Compress With Warm Water
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Quoting the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI), warm water compresses are an effective way to reduce fever in children. You can use this method as a first aid treatment for fever.

Warm water compresses can help release body heat through the pores. Place the compress on areas of the body where large blood vessels pass, such as the armpits and groin, for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this process every few hours until the baby's body temperature drops.

3. Drink plenty of water

When you have a fever, a lot of fluids are used in the body to bring down the temperature. As a result, the amount of fluid in the body decreases significantly and can cause dehydration. One way to reduce fever in children is to give them more water.

Drinking plenty of water can restore fluid levels so that body temperature drops more easily. Make sure your child consumes 2 liters of water daily to meet his fluid needs. You can also use warm water or replace it with other drinks such as juice or warm tea.

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10 Ways To Reduce Fever In Children At Home

4. Take a warm bath

Take A Warm Water Bath
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Apart from drinking, bathing with warm water can also be an effective way to reduce fever in children. Bathing with warm water can improve blood flow and open pores so sweat can escape and bring heat to the body.

If it is not possible to bathe, you can wipe your baby's body using a towel. Add Essential oils It can also make your child more relaxed so that he can sleep or rest peacefully.

5. Wear light clothing

A body temperature that is too hot often makes your baby uncomfortable. The next way to reduce fever in children is to wear thin and light clothes.

Thin clothing allows better air circulation so babies can rest comfortably. Avoid wearing thick clothes that will make your little one uncomfortable and more difficult. You can cover your little one's body with a blanket to keep him warm instead.

6. Drink ginger tea

Drink Ginger Tea
Image source: fribec/Jcomp

Ginger is a spice rich in health benefits. Its antimicrobial properties can help the body eliminate germs and bacteria that infect the body during fever.

You can prepare ginger tea as a snack for your child. The warm sensation of ginger can also relieve itching or pain in the throat. It is not surprising that many people use ginger tea as an alternative to medications to reduce fever in children.

7. Eat nutrient-rich foods

Apart from meeting fluid needs, don't forget to offer nutrient-rich foods when your child has a fever. Foods with balanced nutrition help your child recover faster because the body is able to produce energy.

Nutritious and easy-to-digest foods, such as chicken soup, can be an option. Chicken soup that contains a lot of cartilage can aid recovery because it is high in collagen, calcium and protein.

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10 Ways To Reduce Fever In Children At Home

8. Soak your feet

Soak The Feet
Image source: fribec/Jcomp

Another way to reduce fever in children that you can try is to soak the feet. Make sure to use room temperature water, not cold or warm, to soak your baby's feet.

The difference in temperature of the water and the soles of the feet sends signals to the brain to lower the body temperature. Do this for 15-20 minutes until the baby's body temperature drops and returns to normal.

9. Drink coconut water

The health benefits of coconut water cannot be doubted. Different from regular mineral water, coconut water contains electrolytes, minerals and vitamins that can help treat your child's fever.

This method of treating fever in children can also restore body fluids lost during fever. You can give your child fresh coconut water without added sugar as an alternative to water.

10. Keep the room cool

Keep The Room Cool
Image source: fribec/Freebec

The last way to treat fever in children is to keep your child's room cool. This method is often forgotten because it seems simple.

Make sure the room is not too hot or cold so that the baby can rest comfortably. A cool room also prevents your baby from shivering because the temperature is too cold.

Apart from this, make sure to maintain air circulation in the room by opening the windows and ensuring that the ventilation in the room is not blocked.

The right way to lower fever in children can speed up the recovery process. You can do these methods before giving chemotherapy medicine to your child. However, if your little one's condition does not improve, immediately go to the doctor for specialized treatment.

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