7 Best Travel Organizers You Should Bring When Traveling


Traveling is one of the exciting and fun things. Before traveling, of course we have to pack the essentials and necessary things. To keep the contents of your bags and bags tidy, you can use a travel organizer as a solution.

With a travel organizer, important documents such as passports, plane tickets, ID cards and other travel documents are stored neatly. You don't have to worry about losing it or having trouble searching for it in your bag.

Apart from that, the travel organizer also helps protect your belongings from damage. With proper storage, the items in the bag will be safer from impacts or liquid spills that could damage them.

If the contents of your purse or bag are well organized, you won't need to spend a long time searching for the items you need. Not only is it more efficient, it can also help reduce stress and anxiety while traveling.

Best travel organizer

Arranging things in a bag can sometimes be confusing laden. So, do you know what travel organizers you need to prepare when packing? Check out the following list of the best travel organizers you should bring when you travel.

1. FIOX Passport Card Holder Wallet

Fiox Passport Card Holder Wallet
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

The first item you need to prepare is your passport wallet. Equipped with many slots and pockets, it can store passports, plane tickets, ID cards, credit cards and other important documents safely and neatly.

Using this passport wallet can protect important documents when traveling from damage or loss. Apart from that, by storing them in the same wallet, the risk of documents being scattered and left behind can be avoided.

2. Bestform Laundry Bag Organizer 8 Pieces

7 Best Travel Organizers You Should Bring When Traveling
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

This organizer is a very important item to carry as it serves to pack different types of clothes. Consisting of 8 different types of bags, you can store clothes, jackets, pants, underwear and dirty clothes separately.

With this laundry bag, you can easily find the clothes you need without having to search through your bag or backpack. Clothes will stay neatly organized while optimizing storage space in the bag.

3. Shadisil Toilet Bag Organizer

Shadisil Toilet Bag Organizer
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Now you don't need to mix your toiletry with other items thanks to the toiletry bag. This bag comes with a spacious main compartment, it can store toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and skin care products in one place.

Using a toiletry bag can also prevent cleaning products from getting on other items if something spills. This bag is also equipped with a hanging hook, so users can hang it easily and conveniently for easy access.

4. Zest Electronic Bag Organizer

Zest Electronic Bag Organizer
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

For those of you who have to carry gadgets when traveling such as tablets or cameras, this electronic organizer should not be missed. Using this case will protect your electronic devices from scratches, dust, and impacts while traveling.

Apart from that, cables, chargers, earphones, flash drives and other device accessories can also be stored in an organized and tangled manner, making them easy to find and access when needed. Say goodbye to tangled cables!

5. Pordored Makeup Bag Organizer

Bordward Makeup Bag Organizer
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Another equally important organizer is of course the makeup bag, especially for those of you who use makeup every day. With a special brush storage slot, your makeup brushes will stay clean and avoid damage.

Foundation, eye shadow, blush, setting spray and perfume can be stored neatly in the spacious main compartment. This organizer also helps protect makeup from spills, so its cleanliness and quality are maintained.

6. Shoe bag organizer

Shoe Bag Organizer
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

To keep your shoes and sandals neatly organized, clean, and not damaged or scratched when you travel, use a shoe bag organizer. This bag also helps prevent shoes from getting dirty on clothes or other items in your bag or suitcase.

This bag has 3 layers of storage, and can accommodate 3 to 4 pairs of sandals or shoes at one time, so you don't have to be confused about which shoes to bring. Go bring all your favorite pairs of shoes!

7. Travel medicine box

Travel Medicine Box
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Medications and health supplements are essential items to bring when traveling. In order for your medicine to be neatly organized according to type or consumption schedule, you can use a travel medicine box equipped with different sections.

In addition, the travel medicine box also helps protect medications from damage or spills during transportation. With a separate cap, the medication will not be mixed and can be protected from air that can compromise the quality of the medication.

These are some of the best travel organizers that you should bring when traveling. When choosing one, you should consider things like material, size and design, as well as being small and easy to carry, but with plenty of storage space.

So, for those of you who are planning to travel in the near future, to make your trip more convenient and organized, you can meet your other travel needs with our suitcase covers, suitcase locks, sleeping masks, travel adapters, and even travel bottles.

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