7 Electric Cookware For Boarding School Kids, Life Gets Easier


One of the challenges of being a boarding house student living independently and away from family is cooking. Limited time and space often make boarding school children look for more efficient and practical ways to prepare daily meals, such as purchasing food.

Although this method is considered effective it can actually drain your wallet. So, for those of you who want to save money but still be able to eat delicious food, you can prepare it yourself in your boarding room.

You don't have to worry about all the big and bulky equipment, you can use the electric cooking tool to prepare and serve delicious and healthy dishes without having to spend a lot of time and energy.

Recommendations for electric cooking equipment

For those of you who are interested in trying to cook yourself at home and want to find references for cookware that can be used in a boarding house, there is no harm in checking out the electric cookware reviews below. We guarantee that your life will be easier and more enjoyable as a student in a boarding house.

1. Rice Cooker: A true friend of boarding school children

Rice Cookers
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One practical and versatile cooking tool that boarding school kids must have is a rice cooker. Easy to use and clean, you can cook different types of rice and other side dishes easily without having to stay in the kitchen for hours.

Some modern rice cookers are equipped with additional features where you can try cooking soup, porridge, etc. Save time and energy, you can do other activities while the rice cooker is working

Reasonably priced and available in different sizes, rice cookers are excellent for kitchen matters. So, make sure to include a rice cooker in your shopping list when preparing the equipment needed to live independently as a student in a boarding house, okay?

2. Electric kettle: hot water in a jiffy

Electric Kettle
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Having an electric kettle to accommodate children is a small investment with great value. Why? Because you can prepare tea, instant coffee, instant noodles or other hot drinks without having to wait for a long time using an electric kettle.

Using the electric kettle is very easy, simply add water to the kettle, turn on the power button and within minutes hot water is served.

As a multi-functional gadget, the electric kettle can also be used to heat milk and prepare instant soup. Aside from saving energy and electricity costs, electric kettles are usually also equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off after the water boils or protection against drying out.

3. Electric Pot: Make various dishes effortlessly

Electric Pot
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Compared to cooking with a traditional gas stove, an electric fryer is a solution for those of you who want to cook various dishes in a practical and versatile way, especially if your indoor home is limited or does not have a kitchen area.

Operation is very easy, just plug the power cable into an outlet, press the power button, and place the cooking ingredients in the pan to start the cooking process.

Some electric fryers are usually equipped with an adjustable temperature controller, so you can cook French fries, soups, and fried foods conveniently and easily. This multi-purpose tool is suitable for children in homes due to its small size so it is easy to store when not in use.

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7 Electric Cookware For Boarding School Kids, Life Gets Easier

4. Blender: Preparing drinks and food

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As a student in a boarding house, the desire to enjoy a fresh drink sometimes arises when the weather is hot, especially during the day. Buying juice or juice may be a shortcut. However, will you continue to buy it every day?

Aside from making punko bags, the juice or smoothie you buy is not necessarily healthy due to the sugar content in it. The solution for boarding school children to be able to enjoy fresh drinks in a healthy way is to get a blender.

Yes, using a blender you can prepare different types of fresh drinks whenever you want. Even when you want to cook with spices that need to be ground, a blender is the solution.

Easy to use, clean and affordable, the blender is an important electrical tool needed by boarding school children to produce practical, efficient and quick dishes without altering the nutrients in the ingredients used.

5. Microwave: instant heating

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As a student in a boarding house, dividing the food to be eaten in the morning, afternoon and evening is definitely common so that the monthly expenses are more economical. However, the food you shared will definitely not be as delicious as the first time it was prepared, that is, it will not be warm anymore. For that, you need an electronic device called a microwave.

Using a microwave, you can quickly heat food within minutes and even cook some simple dishes without having to use a gas stove.

Simply place the food in the microwave, set the desired time, turn on the microwave, and you can quickly enjoy delicious warm food.

Now do you know why a microwave is an electrical appliance that should be on your kids shopping list?

6. Electric stove: a practical solution for cooking

7 Electric Cookware For Boarding School Kids, Life Gets Easier

Some boarding houses do not have a kitchen or cooking facilities. Some of them do not even give permission to use traditional stoves in accommodation rooms.

So what if you want to cook but don't use a traditional stove? Electric stoves are the solution.

An electric stove is a practical and safe alternative, especially for those of you who want to cook in a limited space such as an indoor home. Safe to use because they do not involve a direct flame, electric stoves can be used comfortably because they have an adjustable temperature controller.

Compared to traditional stoves that use gas, electric stoves are more energy efficient because no heat is wasted and therefore your monthly expenses are more economical.

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7 Electric Cookware For Boarding School Kids, Life Gets Easier

7. Small refrigerator

7 Electric Cookware For Boarding School Kids, Life Gets Easier

Although a refrigerator is not a cooking appliance in the traditional sense, having a small refrigerator or freezer is a must for boarding school children. You can store and preserve cooking ingredients ranging from vegetables, meat to fruits to keep them fresh.

You can also store cold drinks such as water, juice or other soft drinks in the refrigerator. Having a small refrigerator helps you organize foods and drinks, so that your boarding room is more tidy and clean.

These are some suitable electric cooking utensils that should be included in the list of items for boarding school children to prepare. With these tools, your life as a child abroad will be more comfortable, calm and of course, fun.

You don't have to worry about stove space or annoying gas costs so you can save even more. So, you don't have to worry about complicated cooking even in a boarding house.

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