7 natural remedies when you feel stomach pain, you should try them!


Unbearable stomach pain that often comes suddenly, and is accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and stomach bloating, can be a sign of a stomach ulcer attack.

Although stomach ulcers are often found around us and are synonymous with unhealthy habits such as eating an empty stomach for a long time, it turns out that this disease has various factors that cannot be ignored, as you know.

If a stomach ulcer occurs, the simplest thing you can do is take the medication right away, rest in a comfortable position, and then apply a warm or cold compress to the painful stomach area.

Apart from this, there are many things you can do to relieve stomach ulcers. In this article, JakartaNotebook will discuss several natural medicines for stomach ulcers that you can do yourself at home.

Natural medicine for stomach pain

Natural Medicine For Stomach Pain
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Stomach ulcers should be treated with prescription medications to reduce and relieve the stomach acid you feel. However, perhaps apart from that, you also want to treat stomach ulcers in a natural way that can be done at home.

Here are several ways you can relieve stomach ulcers naturally at home:

1. Water

Of course, you can't ignore the benefits of water. Drinking enough water regularly can actually be the best solution for various diseases.

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7 Natural Remedies When You Feel Stomach Pain, You Should Try Them!

Drink at least 2 liters of water daily and drink a full glass when you feel discomfort in your stomach. This step can help reduce and neutralize stomach acid attacks, thus reducing the tingling or burning sensation you may feel.

Apart from this, stomach ulcers that often cause other symptoms such as nausea or vomiting can also cause dehydration. Making sure you stay hydrated can help replace lost fluids and prevent further dehydration that may worsen stomach ulcer symptoms.

2. Plantain

Plantain is a type of banana with thick skin and dense flesh. Plantains may help stomach ulcers because they are considered an easily digestible food, help protect the stomach from irritation, and contain a flavonoid called leukocyanidin.

Leucocyanidin itself can increase the amount of mucus in the stomach. This fruit can also reduce stomach acid attacks, so it can help prevent and relieve your symptoms.

In addition, bananas contain many important nutrients, including potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and fiber. These nutrients can help maintain nutritional balance in the body which is important for digestive health.

3. Aloe vera

Aloe vera or aloe vera has cooling, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve stomach irritation.

This aloe vera gel can help form a protective layer along the stomach wall when you have a stomach ulcer, and can help in further treatment.

4. Probiotics

Probiotics themselves are live microorganisms that can help treat stomach ulcers in the digestive tract when taken in sufficient quantities.

Taking probiotics can reduce the number of bacteria present, speed up the healing process, and relieve some of the symptoms of inflammation that appear during stomach ulcers. However, make sure to use it with other appropriate medications to eliminate dangerous bacteria.

5. Honey

Honey itself is a food rich in antioxidants and has various health benefits, such as accelerating the healing of many wounds. It also has antibacterial properties that can help fight the causes of stomach ulcers.

Aside from this, honey's natural anti-inflammatory properties can also help reduce inflammation that can aggravate stomach ulcer symptoms. If you intend to use honey, be sure to choose pure, high-quality honey.

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7 Natural Remedies When You Feel Stomach Pain, You Should Try Them!

6. Turmeric

Being an ingredient known for its yellow color and commonly found in Indonesian cooking spices, turmeric can also be used as medicine. This is because it contains curcumin compounds, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Additionally, when combined with other remedies, turmeric can also help increase mucus secretion which effectively protects the stomach lining from irritation which can help reduce inflammation in the stomach.

7. Garlic

Garlic is also a common ingredient in Indonesian cooking and is probably always present in the home. It is known to have various health benefits as it contains antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that can help relieve symptoms of stomach ulcers.

For this reason, choosing garlic during stomach ulcers is the right step because it reduces stomach cramps and stomach muscle tension, and thus helps relieve the symptoms of stomach ulcers. Using garlic extract can also help prevent the growth of Helicobacter pylori, one of the most common causes of stomach ulcers.

In treating stomach ulcers, of course, prevention is better than cure. For this reason, be sure to avoid foods that can trigger or worsen stomach ulcers and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Of course, the use of natural medicines that can be done at home cannot be applied to everyone. You may have to do some experimenting until you find an option that works for you.

Apart from this, make sure you get help from a doctor if your stomach ulcer becomes more severe, and consult about the use of natural medicines that you are using.


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