Download 4G network using 4G converter app


When you hear the word 4G, what comes to mind is a super-fast connection that can download files quickly and watch YouTube without buffering.

That's true, but what you know is that not all 4G networks are fast. There are many cell phone operators that provide 4G networks, but the speed seems like 2G. Niggins, right?

Many are looking for ways to make their mobile phones 3G 4G with the help of many applications that are already spread on the Internet. But in fact you can't!

I emphasize once again that 4G is a feature in the form of hardware (hardware) and not in the form of software/applications (software). So do not confuse these two unequal extremes.

Here we just want to share the network converter to 4G application for existing mobile phones Support 4G and not 3G right?

Because there are several types of 4G phones that do not have the feature of changing it to LTE mode, such as #Xiaomi.

Ultra-fast 4G LTE adapter application tutorial

You probably won't find this 4G converter app on Play Store, so we will use the official 9apps app which provides many free apps and games in it.

Downloads 9apps.apk here (3MB)

Install 9apps.apk on your Android device until you are done. If you fail, please go to Settings > protection > Anonymous source.

After successfully installed, launch 9APPS which is small in size and search for the keyword “4G

4G Adapter Application 1

push the button downloadThe application will then be downloaded to your mobile phone. Open the 4G app

Then swipe right to the tab section 4G adapter And please choose It has been converted to 4G

4G Adapter Application 2

Your network mode will automatically switch to LTE 4G mode if the network already has coverage in that area.

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This is a short tutorial on how to download 4G network using 4G Converter with 9apps official app.

Apart from the above mentioned apps, there are a lot of great free apps and games on 9apps, did you know? Just try downloading it. Good try 😀


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