Download the best status bar app for Android without root

[ad_1] – Status bar is the display on the top of our Android mobile screen which is very important to display the notification icons arriving on our Android device. How to Change Android Status Bar In the past, you needed root access to modify data in the root folder, but with the advancement of technology, there is now an app that can change the appearance of the status bar and notifications on Android. without root.

There is an app called Material Status Bar Pro that can do this. You can change the look of your notification panel very easily and of course without needing root access, if you are having difficulty in doing so, please see the following tutorial.

How to change the status bar and notification panel in Android

Since this is a paid app from Play Store, please find another alternative if you want to download it. To learn how to do this, please see below.

After downloading the application Physical Status Bar Pro Please run the application and click the button Slides in the upper right corner to activate it.

Run The Application

After running the application, a notification will appear to activate it Accessibility And Access to notification. Please click and you will be directed to settings. Then please activate the features in it.

Settings 2

If the feature is active, return to the application Physical Status Bar Pro Then please do so Settings It is up to you how to open existing menus such as Modify or adapt, Notification panelAnd attention.

Custom Settings

Open the customization menu, then activate it by moving the button in the upper right corner to the right to activate it and arrange it as you wish.

Modify Or Adapt

Opens Notification panel Then activate it as in the previous step.

Board Notice

Click Topics panel And set the notification panel theme as you wish. If you want to jump from one topic to another, please turn off the feature first Notification panel By pressing the button in the upper right corner (see image), then change the theme and then reactivate the feature by pressing the Previous button.

Choose A Topic

Now you have succeeded Change the appearance of the Android status bar You are complete with the notification panel on your Android device.

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Not only for small Android mobile phones, but the app also supports Android tablets where you want to change the appearance of the status bar. Good try 😀

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