Fingerprint lock app for Android for free! (Specially for mobile phones without fingerprint)

[ad_1] – Fingerprint lock app is the most secure security app to protect your smartphone from being exposed to evil hands or being jailed by your friends. The device usually contains important data that others do not want to know about, which is why users install various security measures to prevent other people from opening the files they have.

On average, the latest mobile phones now have a fingerprint feature, which has a circular section at the back of the body. This tool can scan pre-existing fingerprints in the database and then verify them in a quick way. If your fingerprint is already in the database, you can automatically unlock the phone using your fingerprint.

One way to secure files is to use a fingerprint lock app. If your mobile phone does not support the fingerprint feature, there is an alternative, which is to use the following Android application. ICE unlock fingerprint scanner It is a lock application that uses fingerprints. This application uses the camera and flash features for detection fingerprint You.

Best fingerprint lock app for android

You can get the ICE unlock Fingerprint Scanner app for free from the Play Store and it is suitable for phones and tablets running Android version 4.0 and above. For more details, please see the many offers in the fingerprint lock application.

Fingerprint Lock Application

How to use ICE unlock Fingerprint Scanner is not complicated, there are tutorials available to create, change, backup PIN codes, delete and unlock keys you forgot to use this fingerprint lock app.

The way it works is very simple, all you have to do is point your mobile phone's camera at your finger to unlock it.

There's no reason why non-fingerprint Android mobile phones should be outdated, right? Even though your mobile phone does not have a fingerprint feature, the above app will definitely make your smartphone more advanced.

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For those of you who are interested in installing fingerprint lock security on Android, you can try ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner for free at play store. Good attempt 🙂


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