How to get an EFIN online for personal taxes, easy!


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EFIN is an identification number for various tax transaction purposes. Here is how to get EFIN online that you can follow.

How To Get An Efin Online For Personal Taxes, Easy!
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One of the functions of e-FIN is online reporting of tax returns (SPT). So, how do you get a personal tax EFIN? Read more.

What is Evin?

EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number) is an identification number that every individual taxpayer (WP) must have to carry out electronic transactions with the Directorate General of Taxes (DJP).

Since 2021, DJP has introduced a new service to obtain an EFIN online easily and quickly. The process takes just a few steps and can be done anywhere online.

How to obtain an EFIN for individual taxpayers

How To Obtain An E-Fin For Individual Taxpayers
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1. Download and fill out the E-FIN form

The first way to obtain an EFIN online is to fill out the E-FIN application form. This form is provided online in PDF format by DJP. Below is a link to the E-FIN application form that you can access.

E-FIN Application Form

You can leave the E-FIN column blank first. These will later be filled by DJP officers.

2. Prepare complete documents

You must also prepare other documents needed to obtain an E-FIN, such as:

  • E-FIN application form in PDF format that is completely filled out and signed.
  • NPWP scan/image.
  • Scan/Image KTP.
  • Personal photo with KTP and NPWP.
  • Email is active.

3. Send to the nearest KPP email address

The next way to obtain an EFIN is to send all documents to the nearest KPP email address. You can see the KPP unit on your NPWP card. You can see the email address of the KPP unit on the following page:

List of business units

After getting the nearest KPP email address, send the file with E-FIN Application subject. You can also add name information behind it.

4. Activate E-FIN

Wait for the response and E-FIN activation process by DJP for 1 x 24 hours. After receiving an email containing the EFIN code from DJP, activate the EFIN on the DJP website. Go to the DJP website, click “Register Here,” and then follow the process.

How to get a tax EFIN with a photo ID

How To Get A Tax Efin With A Photo Id
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Referring to Announcement No. PENG-4/PJ.09/2021 on new services on how to obtain an EFIN, there is also a new service for making tax EFIN numbers via selfies.

How to get the latest EFIN Requires documents:

  • Valid NPWP.
  • NIK is valid according to Dukcapil.
  • The image of the taxpayer already exists in the Dukcapil data and corresponds to the taxpayer's current status, whether they wear glasses or not. If this is not appropriate, taxpayers can contact Dukcapil.

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How To Get An Efin Online For Personal Taxes, Easy!

Once all the documents are ready, follow how to get an EFIN with a selfie below:

  1. Visit the page.
  2. Give your online DJP page access to your camera.
  3. Fill in your NPWP details and take a selfie as instructed.
  4. If successful, you will receive a notification that an EFIN has been sent to your email.
  5. EFIN data is sent in PDF format.
  6. To open e-FIN data, you need a 6-character password consisting of the 4th to the 9th digit of your Klikpajak NPWP.

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How To Get An Efin Online For Personal Taxes, Easy!

These are two ways you can get an EFIN online. Make sure you follow each step correctly. For more complete information, you can visit the page.

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