How to register and create an Android BBM account in the latest version

[ad_1] – BBM is a chat application that has spread globally and has also been downloaded by millions of smartphone users. This app provides free chat feature so that you are not charged a single penny when you send messages with your friends in contacts. In BBM you can send photos, files, videos, and stickers that are already in BBM itself.

And being the best chat app right now, RIM continues to do soUpdates Apply it to cover a wide range Bugs And also to add features to it. Currently, BBM is at version and will of course continue to develop over time.

For new users, you may have difficulty understanding how to create a BBM account. Although you don't need to go anywhere, you just need a proper internet connection or WIFI. You can now create your own BBM account. If you're still confused, here are instructions on how to do it.

How to create a BBM email account on Android

BBM itself currently provides two options for users to register using mobile number or using email. I prefer email because it's easier. Here are the steps,

First, please download the latest version of the BBM app at play store Or you can visit the official website at

Open the application and select “Register using your email address

How To Register In Bbm 1

Please enter name, e-mailAnd passwords Which you will use as your BBM password, then click Create an account

How To Register In Bbm 2

You will then be asked to confirm whether your email address is correct or incorrect, please click Indeed true If this is true

How To Register For Fuel 3

Then you will get a verification code that goes to e-mailPlease open it and see the code

How To Register For Fuel 5

Enter the code, then press the button verification

How To Register In Bbm 4

I finish

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For your information, BBM can currently run on Android, iOS, and Blackberry. There is a voice messaging and even video calling feature that you can use for free. This is the guide on how to create a BBM account on Android, we hope it was useful and good luck trying.


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