How to set different sizes for each app on Android

[ad_1] – Many times we always press the volume button to adjust the sound in each application. Because in every application the need for this folder is not always the same. This is definitely annoying for us as users if we have a lot of apps and games. For example, I have an Android music and game player app, and of course at different times I play music loudly and play games at a suitable volume.

Of course we cannot find these settings on Android. However, we can use a third party application called Volume control application. The app can control media volume, ring, alarm, notifications and system volume for each app.

Whether the applications we install from the Play Store, or also the default Android applications such as the default music player, files and other applications that require sound.

On this occasion, will provide a review on how to use the App Volume Control app to adjust different volume levels for each Android app. Check out the tutorial below.

How to use volume control app on Android

The first thing you need to do is download the app volume control app on play store. And please install it on your Android device.

Once installed, press the button to activate Accessibility To grant access rights to the application.

Volume Control Application

Now you can use the application, choose the application you want Edit the sound Then adjust it as you want. To save the settings, please click on the top right with the disk image.

Volume Control Application 2

There are many applications where you can adjust the volume as you want. This application is available for free for smartphone users only Free version You will see an advertisement. Meanwhile in the pro version (paid) You will get the full version without ads and also some additions Premium membership inside it.

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We hope this tutorial can expand geek knowledge. We hope this was helpful and good luck trying 🙂


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