How to use fake GPS (fake location) on Android 13 without root


“Can Android 13 be faked?”

Many of you may be wondering how to fake a website. However, not everyone will necessarily succeed in doing this perfectly. Faking your location can be important if you want to trick someone about your location.

This is also useful for Pokemon Go fans who have difficulty finding rare Pokemon in the area where they live. Whatever the reason, faking your location can help in several ways.

If you want to know how to fake location on Android 13 device, then keep reading this article and learn the secret to fake or spoof GPS location on Android 13 perfectly.

How to fake GPS location on Android 13 without root

iMyFone AnyTo (GPS Location Changer) is an excellent software that was previously only available for supported iOS devices. However, with the latest update, this software is now also available for Android 13 devices. If you are looking for a good fake GPS option for Android 13, then iMyFone AnyTo will be the right choice.

This software has some great features that allow you to perfectly fake your site. It's very easy to use too! Overall, you can easily spoof your website using this amazing software!

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Teleportation mode

Teleport mode is the basic mode to select to fake a location on an Android phone. Using this feature, you can fake the location and move it from one position to another. Simply select the location where you want to create a fake website.

Put two points

Colon mode is a feature used when you want to adjust the path between two locations. This feature allows you to specify the source and destination, after which a route is formed between the two points. The website is fake so that it looks as if you are traveling from the source to the destination.

Multipoint mode

Like two-point mode, multi-point mode allows you to select multiple locations on the map. The path will be shaped so that your fake location crosses each specified location.

Joystick mode

Joystick Mode is one of the features in iMyFone AnyTo that allows you to control your location via joystick. You can move 360 ​​degrees using the joystick and move around the map freely, especially in the augmented reality game Pokémon GO.

Ring road

If you select a nearby start and end point on the map, the program will ask you if you want to take a circular route. This is an additional feature offered by iMyFone AnyTo. If you click Yes, the start point and end point will automatically align on the map.

This is how you can fake GPS on Android 13 using iMyFone AnyTo.

Step 1: Find my location

First, open the program on your Android device and click on the “Find my location” icon. This button can be found in the lower right corner. This way, the app will detect your current location.

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Step 2: Use teleportation mode

After opening the app, you have to select the location you want to target. To do this, place your finger on the map view where you want to simulate the location. Or you can also search for the location you want to choose. Once you've selected your location, “Change your location” will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click Move to move to the target.

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3 more ways to fake GPS on Android 13

1) Fake Go GPS Location Spoofer application

GPS Go Fake location spoofer is a great option if you want to fake your location on your Android device. If your device is using Android 6.0 and above, you can easily spoof your location using this app.


  • He does a very good job of deception.
  • Many features are available.
  • Compatible with any device running Android version higher than 6.0.


  • Not all features can be accessed with the free version of the app.
  • The paid version is a bit expensive.

2) Fake GPS location: joystick and route

If you are looking for a simple spoofing app with joystick controls, this is a highly recommended option. The app comes with quick joystick controls, making it easier for you to navigate the map interface of the app. This spoofing can be used to spoof locations or even play better in Pokémon Go!


  • This application is compatible with Android devices.
  • It doesn't take a jailbreak.
  • Quick joystick control is easy to operate.


  • You need to change developer settings, which can be difficult for non-technical people.
  • You may encounter issues when using the app with Pokemon Go.

3) Fake GPS location 2021

This is one of the new apps in the industry of fake GPS for Android 13! This app is simple with clear instructions on how to use it. With this application, you can easily simulate your location.


  • Free to use.
  • You don't need to jailbreak your Android device to cheat using this app.
  • Have a clear set of instructions.


  • It does not have a joystick feature so fake locations may not be 100 percent accurate.
  • New participant, hence no information about application history.


Today we've taken a look at some great apps that can help you spoof your location on your Android phone. All of these apps are very easy to use, although some of them require jailbreaking. However, it is not always recommended to jailbreak your device as it may compromise the device's security.

Therefore, the recommended location spoofing tool is iMyFone AnyTo. This is a simple app that helps you fake your location easily and also has some additional features. If you are looking for a good fake GPS for Android, iMyFone AnyTo is the highly recommended option.


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