Ramadan Shopping: Use Rs 50 voucher now!


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Enjoy the #AlreadyCheap Ramadan shopping experience with discount vouchers up to 50 Omani Riyals at JakartaNotebook.

Ramadan Shopping: Use Rs 50 Voucher Now!
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

To welcome the holy month of Ramadan, JakartaNotebook will distribute blessings to Jaknoters. Enjoy a 15% shopping discount voucher with a maximum of IDR 50,000 for essentials. Ramadan shopping!

You can use this promotion Especially for purchasing gadgets and electronic products In Jakarta there are #definitelygood notebooks at #definitelycheap prices. The voucher redemption time is limited starting at 2pmMarch 5-31, 2024 Just. Come on, take advantage of the coupon now!

Voucher terms and conditions:

  1. 15% discount, maximum discount is 50,000 and minimum purchase is 500,000
  2. The offer is valid for one transaction
  3. The coupon applies to the daily quota
  4. The offer is valid from March 25 to 31, 2024

You can easily access the 2024 Ramadan Shopping Offer via the JakartaNotebook website or app from Android or iOS.


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