The 7 Best Low Watt Air Fryers, Suitable for Serving Healthy Food


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You can serve healthy but still delicious fried dishes with the best low-watt air fryers, the list of which you can check out below.

The 7 Best Low Watt Air Fryers, Suitable For Serving Healthy Food
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An air fryer is an electronic kitchen appliance loved by mothers, especially those who… consent From healthy food. The ability to produce perfectly cooked and crispy dishes without using oil is the reason behind the growing popularity of this frying tool.

Capable of processing cooking ingredients ranging from potatoes, fish, chicken and even cakes, the air fryer is the perfect tool for those of you who want to try healthy food recipes without any hassle.

Recommendations for the best low watt air fryer

Because of these advantages, air fryers usually use a lot of electrical energy. However, nowadays you can easily find low wattage air fryers.

Not inferior to larger air fryers, low power air fryers are also capable of delivering healthy and delicious dishes. You can see some of the best low-watt air fryers below so you can use them at home.

1. Xiaomi Onemoon 2L Air Fryer – OA1

Xiaomi One Moon 2L Air Fryer - Oa1
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

The first recommendation comes from the Xiaomi Onemoon 2L Air Fryer. Using high-speed air circulation technology that can produce heat of up to 200°C, this electronic fryer is able to produce low-fat, crispy but still delicious food because it can reduce oily fat by 80% with only 800W of power.

Teflon pans are made of non-stick iron which is safe to use, ensuring that the food being cooked does not stick and the pan is easy to clean.

2. Goto Carrison Air Fryer 4L

Goto Carison Air Fryer 4L
Image source: Goto

Equipped with Goto Carison's easy-to-adjust timer settings, this air fryer delivers approximately 700 watts of power and is safe and will not reduce your home's electricity.

It has a 360 degree heat rotation feature that can cook food quickly and evenly, and the pot capacity is up to 4L which means you can use the air fryer to cook different types of dishes in large quantities.

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The 7 Best Low Watt Air Fryers, Suitable For Serving Healthy Food

3. Mito DigiFry Go AF2 Air Fryer

Mito Digifry Go Af2 Air Fryer
Image source: Mito

The Mito digital air fryer, which is known for its electricity efficiency due to its power options ranging from 150 to 800 watts, could be one of the electric fryers you can consider.

Equipped with a non-stick granite coating on the container, this air fryer comes with a sleek and luxurious design. Larger touch buttons make it easier for you to operate it.

4. MIUI 2L Smart Air Fryer – AF-8061

Miui 2L Smart Air Fryer - Af-8061
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Do you want to eat fried foods but are worried about their oil content? Don't worry, there is a solution for you for fried food lovers, which is the MIUI AF 8061 Air Fryer.

This air fryer, which can reduce edible oil fat by up to 80%, is suitable for those of you who like to cook and eat fried foods without having to think about fat.

With 1000W power, you can adjust the temperature and timer of this electric fryer according to your needs. Equipped with high-speed air circulation technology, your food will cook evenly without taking long.

5. Han River Air Fryer HRAF04BK

Han River Air Fryer Hraf04Bk
Image source: Han River

Han River 3.5L capacity, low power, about 800W electric fryer, comes with a compact and elegant appearance. Built-in.

You can even cook a whole chicken at once until perfectly cooked using this air fryer. Equipped with just one handle, this air fryer is very easy to operate plus the cooking process with this gadget is also faster.

6. Miko Air Fryer NX07-PRO

Miku Nx07-Pro Air Fryer
Image source: Miko

If you are looking for an air fryer with a low power consumption of around 650W with a really aesthetic and cool design, the Mecoo NX07 Pro could be the right choice.

This electric fryer, with temperature control, has the advantage that when you pull out the container, the machine will stop working automatically. With a capacity of up to 5.5 litres, you can cook different types of ingredients that you want to fry in large quantities.

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The 7 Best Low Watt Air Fryers, Suitable For Serving Healthy Food

7. Rosso Air Fryer Version 2 2.5L OA2 – OA2

Rosso Air Fryer Version 2 2.5L Oa2 - Oa2
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

The next recommendation comes from the Xiaomi Rosou Air Fryer which has a large capacity of 2.5L and a power of 1000W. Xiaomi's second-generation frying pan offers a temperature and time control knob that can be adjusted depending on the type of cooking ingredients you are preparing.

No need for hot oil to produce perfectly cooked food, this Rosso air fryer is equipped with a heater that rotates at high speed. The indicator design on the top of the air fryer body makes the cooking process easier and quieter.

These are some recommendations for low-power air fryers that you can consider, especially if you are a fan of frying foods.

Want to live healthier? So, move on to frying food in a healthy way without oil using an air fryer. You don't have to worry about the food quality, the air fryer can still maintain the quality and taste of your food.

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