Top 10 Surveillance Camera Recommendations (Latest 2024)


Recently, there have been more and more news about criminal acts occurring in the home environment. From theft to burglaries, all these incidents are sure to make us more anxious. But there is no need to worry because maintaining home security becomes easier using it S T F Camera.

CCTV cameras are a type of small cameras that record activities in certain rooms or environments. The presence of surveillance cameras is very important because they can be used as evidence when a crime occurs.

Aside from protecting the environment, CCTV cameras can also be used to help monitor your little one's activities when you are not at home. So, if you are still confused about choosing the right product, here are recommendations for the best security cameras that JakartaNotebook has compiled especially for you!

REslu Best CCTV Camera Recommendations

There is no need to bother watching the recordings, because it is now easy to access surveillance cameras of different sizes. You can monitor everything recorded via your laptop, tablet and mobile phone using the app.

Below are several recommendations of CCTV cameras of different brands and sizes that you can choose from.

1. Taffware Mini WiFi IP CCTV Camera 1080P – A9NV

Taffware Mini Wifi Ip Cctv Camera 1080P - A9Nv
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

This best CCTV camera from Taffware provides the best recording quality with 1080p resolution and recording angle up to 150 degrees. The infrared feature allows the camera to record clearly even at night.

Coming with 2.4G WiFi connectivity and a built-in app, you can connect this camera to a smartphone or tablet without using cables. In terms of storage, the CCTV camera is also equipped with a TF card slot for external storage.

Offering convenient features and unquestionable quality, you only need to spend Rs. 40k to get this camera.

2. Dahua 2MP HDCVI IR Eyeball Camera HAC-T1A21

Dahua 2Mp Hdcvi Ir Eyeball Camera Hac-T1A21
Image source: Dahua

If you are looking for an indoor CCTV camera with good video recording capabilities, this product from Dahua may be an option. This is because this camera can record the surrounding environment at a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The combination of the 2MP lens and the CMOS sensor used also ensures that the resulting video remains clear. More complete with 4 output options, namely TVI, AHD, CVI and CVBS which makes it easier for you to monitor the recording results. Also Read 4 Recommendations for the Best Mousetrap/Trap 2023

3. XD Mini CCTV Spy Camera 1080P – X15

Xd Camera Mini Cctv Spy Camera 1080P - X15
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Small pieces of cayenne pepper.

This expression is suitable for XD Mini Spy CCTV Camera. Despite its small size, the CCTV camera can record images in Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution with an infrared sensor and a motion detection sensor that can detect suspicious movements and send notifications to smartphones.

Its small size means you can install this camera in different places without looking suspicious. Supports microSD storage up to 32GB, old recordings will be automatically deleted and replaced with new ones.

Tp-Link Waterproof Outdoor Ip Wifi Camera - Tapo C310
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Keep the outside of your home safe with recommendations for the best security cameras from TP-LINK. This CCTV camera is specially designed for outdoor use and is equipped with IP66 protection which makes it waterproof and can be used even when it rains.

The camera has a resolution of 3 megapixels which allows you to record videos in HD resolution. Naturally, TP-LINK products are also equipped with motion sensors and night vision which makes recordings sharp even at night.

More complete with two-way audio and automatic sirens which can be used to increase the security of the home environment.

5. Taffware Mini WiFi IP CCTV Camera 1080P – A9

Taffware Mini Wifi Ip Cctv Camera 1080P - A9
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Still from the Taffware brand, this small CCTV camera can produce Full HD 1080p video recording quality with a lens angle of up to 100 degrees. Just connect your CCTV and mobile phone to the APP and 2.4G Wi-Fi, you can monitor all situations at home or office easily.

It uses a 300mAh lithium battery so it can record for 1 hour non-stop. Not only is it small in size, the price of this CCTV is also very simple, aka pocket friendly, i.e. just Rs. 40 thousand only.

6. Yunyi CCTV IP Camera 1080P – YY012

Yunyi Cctv Ip Camera 1080P - Yy012
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Ceiling Mountable CCTV Camera with E27 Socket Like a lamp, Yunyi CCTV IP Camera can be connected to 2.4G Wi-Fi network so you can access it directly via mobile phone.

The presence of an infrared sensor means that this camera can record in a dark room or at night. This product retails for IDR 106,200. This product can be chosen if you want a camera that no one knows about.

7. V380 Pro Dual Lens Outdoor CCTV Camera – SC02-WL

V380 Pro Dual Lens Outdoor Cctv Camera - Sc02-Wl
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

Do you need recommendations on the best security cameras that can maintain maximum security? If yes, then V380 is the right choice. This CCTV camera is equipped with two cameras that can record from two different angles.

Get super-accurate recording results with a 4MP camera and LED illumination around the lens. The Pan Tilt Zoom feature allows you to pan the CCTV camera horizontally and vertically to get maximum surveillance results.

Communicating with people at home is made easier with the Two Way Audio feature which is also supported by the built-in app. IP66 protection also means that CCTV cameras can be used on hot to rainy days without worrying about damage.

8. YI Home 3 Wifi IP CCTV Full HD 1080p Camera

Yi Home 3 Wifi Ip Cctv Camera Hd 1080P
Image source: Xiaomi

YI offers CCTV cameras specially designed to help you take care of your little one. This camera can record video at 1080p with a recording angle of 107 degrees.

This CCTV camera is equipped with P2P network connection and YI Home APP which can be used to monitor your little one's condition when you are out of home.

The sound sensor can detect your little one's crying and will instantly send a notification to your smartphone so you can soothe your little one right away.


Xiaomi Mijia Ai Smart Ip Cctv Camera 2K - Mjsxj03Hl
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

As one of the well-known brands of smart home equipment, Xiaomi offers CCTV cameras with ultra-high recording resolution up to 2K with a 180-degree monitoring angle. The night vision feature and the infrared sensor used can record various movements even in the dark.

Mi Home app support allows you to operate this camera via smartphone and store large recording data on Xiaomi Cloud. And more complete with support for a micro SD card slot for external storage.

10. V380 Pro Solar Panel CCTV Camera – MVT-1120G-P5 Pro

V380 Pro Solar Panel Cctv Camera - Mvt-1120G-P5 Pro
Image source: Jakarta Notebook

The final recommendation for the best CCTV camera falls on the V380 Pro. different from Outdoor CCTV cameras Usually, this product is equipped with a solar panel, so you don't need to bother connecting it to a power source.

In terms of recording capabilities, there is no need to doubt this CCTV camera. Pan Tilt Zoom feature allows the camera to be panned up to 270 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically at 1080p resolution for a wider field of observation.

Of course, the best CCTV camera is also equipped with motion sensors, alarms and IP65 protection features making it reliable for outdoor use.

These are some recommendations for the best security cameras you can consider. Use this monitoring tool wisely and carefully, okay? Make sure to choose according to your needs and of course your budget.

You can also see different brands of CCTV cameras and many other security equipment, such as Smart door lock, Wireless CCTVuntil Smoke detector With #GuaranteedCheap prices only in JakartaNotebook.

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