WhatsApp Delays Updated Privacy Policy

Kepowin.com WhatsApp delays updated privacy policy after confusing users

The privacy policy, which was supposed to take effect from February 8, 2020, was postponed after unsettling success and making instant messaging service users run away to Telegram and Signal.

The postponement was conveyed through an official statement received by Bisnis on Saturday (16/1/2021). It states that the privacy policy update will be postponed until May 15, 2021.

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“WhatsApp has found that many of its users feel confused because of the privacy policy update. WhatsApp has also found a lot of disinformation circulating that has caused unrest for users. 

“Therefore, WhatsApp decided to give an extension of time for users to review and receive this update until May 15, 2021.” wrote WhatsApp in the statement.

WhatsApp also stated that no user accounts will be deleted on February 8, 2021. During this period, WhatsApp will also continue to strive to straighten out the disinformation that is circulating, so that users understand clearly about this privacy policy update. 

In addition, it was also stated that the new WhatsApp privacy policy does not affect chats or conversations between accounts or private groups of our users. This privacy policy update only applies to conversations with Business accounts that use the WhatsApp Business API and choose a hosting provider outside WhatsApp. 

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